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Safety Zone Safety Mats - MS Series

Tapeswitch Safety Zone Heavy-Duty Safety Mats are designed to protect against accidents and injury around machinery in an industrial or factory environment. These pressure sensitive safety mats feature molded, seamless construction and, consequently, exhibit exceptional resistance to moisture intrusion, as well as to most acids, alkalis and salts.

Logos in any color or combination of colors can be molded directly into the mat surface. These switch mats can also be made with multiple sensing zones, and sensitivity can be adjusted to suit specific applications.

Safety Zone Safety Mats are constructed with two highly-rigid metal plates separated by spacer buttons and O-ring seals. This switching mechanism is then covered with a molded virgin vinyl housing which seals out water and other contaminants. The result is a durable and long-lasing pressure-sensitive industrial safety mat suitable for harsh factory or commercial conditions.

These sensing mats are available with a ribbed surface for dry, oily, or wet conditions, or a eurodot surface for washdown applications. A thinner, smooth-surface version is also available. They are supplied with 4-lead Fail-Safe wiring and are compatible with Tapeswitch Safety Controllers.

Features & Benefits
  • Heavy-duty construction for industrial applications
  • Molded design for exceptional moisture and chemical resistance
  • Parallel-plate switching technology eliminates dead zones
  • Can be installed on or in floor and with or without edging
  • Choice of ribbed, eurodot, or smooth surface to match application
  • 4-lead Fail-Safe wiring is standard
  • Special Options
    Shape Edge Design Colors
    Wire type Wire location Molded-in logos
    Number of zones Connectors Multimat Systems
    Safety Zone Safety Mats are available that are form, fit, and function replacements for most other brands of pressure-sensitive safety mats. They feature the same durability, long life and exceptional moisture resistance as the standard models.
    Actuation Force 33lbs (147 N) nominal
    Recommended Voltage & Current 12 to 48VAC or VDC at 50mA min. to 1.0amp max.
    Environment NEMA 6 & IP67 rated, -31 to 122°F (-35 to 50°C)
    Maximum Size Up to 40in. x 60in. single-piece construction
    Standard Sizes
    24in. x 36in. (610mm x 910mm) 36in. x 36in. (910mm x 910mm)
    24in. x 48in. (610mm x 1220mm) 36in. x 48in. (910mm x 1220mm)
    24in. x 60in. (610mm x 1520mm) 36in. x 60in. (910mm x 1520mm)
    30in. x 48in. (760 mm x 1220 mm) Up to 40in. x 60in.(1010mm x 1520mm) custom