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Our Non-Contact Interlocks include magnetic safety switches, coded magnetic safety switches, standalone electronic safety switches and uniquely coded electronic safety switch systems with up to 500,000 codes. Technical specifications for all these products can be viewed directly from this website.

As well as producing the most complete range of non-contact safety switches, we also design bespoke safety switches to the most stringent performance requirements. Our team of engineers can assist you in determining the most suitable product.

F-Series Safety System

The F-SERIES is a uniquely flexible DIN rail mounting safety control unit designed for monitoring up to 30 safety switches.

The main control module (FM1) contains the power supply, dual safety contacts and a monitoring circuit for easy integration into your control circuits along with the input and indication for one safety switch.

The extender modules provide inputs for 1 (FX1) or 2 (FX2) safety switches and provide both LED and volt free contact indication from each of the safety switches enabling fast, easy diagnosis of open gates or faults.

The F-SERIES safety switches are available in a variety of sizes to suit all applications. They are tamper-proof, i.e. only a Mechan actuator will operate the system, and with an 8-10mm switching distance, they are easy to install, tolerant to misalignment and guard wear. Designed to withstand the harshest environments, the electronic switching is encapsulated into an ABS housing making the F-SERIES safety switches immune to water, hot hosing, dust or oil etc.

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ISIS Saftey Systems

With the growing demand for simple, efficient and yet more secure safety systems, the ISIS system offers the ideal solution.

Available in a range of voltages, the ISIS control units provide two normally open safety contacts, one normally closed auxiliary contact.

A major advantage of the ISIS safety system is that it detects both open and short circuit faults in the connections to the safety switches when they occur, giving immediate indication and moving the control unit to a safe state. This eliminates the possibility of faults accumulating without being detected.

The ISIS-4 control unit can also be used to monitor the emergency stop buttons or mechanical safety switches, combining both safety functions into one DIN rail mounting unit.

The ISIS-E Extender module can be added to either the ISIS-4 or ISIS-2 control units giving more ISIS switch inputs for monitoring larger systems.

The ISIS safety switches use coded magnet technology, are compact, tamper-resistant, and yet still have 8mm switching and IP67 environmental protection. This makes them ideal for all types of applications where additional security is required.


A Complete range of magnetic safety switches for machine guarding. Sizes and shapes to suit all application. Robust and IP67 rated for all switches with the option of 316 Grade Stainless Steel in the MS4, MS5. MS6 and MS8.

SSS Safety Switches
The SSS is a tamper-proof, stand-alone safety switch that can be used to switch relays, contactors or safety relays directly Only an SSS actuator will operate the the SSS switch correctly By removing the need for a separate control unit it's now possible to use our top of the range electronic switching technology in smaller, simpler safety systems. With the SSS you get the reliability of an electronic safety system along with the ease of installation of a standard magnetic safety switch like the MAGNASAFE.