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Sensing & Safety Edges
Protection of Personnel and Equipment
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What is a Sensing Edge?
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Complete step-by-step instructions for specifying a sensing edge and all of the options.
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TS-3 Micro Sensing Edge
Lowest profile for limited space
High sensitivity with immediate
TS-6/ TS-16 Mini Sensing Edges
Low profile for limited space
Immediate activation with some over travel.
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TS-8/ TS-18 Mini Sensing Edges
Low profile with some overtravel
End caps available for cosmetic or
environmental requirements
TS-26 Sensing Edge
Medium profile, larger target zone
35% over travel after activation
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TS-46 Sensing Edge
Compliance before activation
eliminates nuisance tripping.
3/4 "over travel cushioning
TS-48 Sensing Edge
Compliance before activation
eliminates nuisance tripping
3/4 "over travel cushioning
(same as TS-48, uses crimp-on mounting channel) (same as TS-46, uses snap-in mounting channel)
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TS-47 & TS-57 Sensing Edges
High sensitivity and no compliance
for fastest activation
Over travel for max. cushioning
TS-67 Omni-Directional Edge
High sensitivity from any direction
Immediate activation with overtravel
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TS-108 & TS-109 Sensing Edges
Self-mounting eliminates channel
For residential and commercial
sensing applications
Sensor-Ring™ Circular Edge
Exact fit for circular geometries
Partial or full circle options
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Flexion™ Curvable Edge
Follows application contours,
including serpentine shapes
Choice of profile, sensitivity, color
Custom Sensing Edge Designs
Special materials and colors
Curved, circular, or serpentine shapes
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