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Foot & Hand Switches

Custom sizes and shapes can be manufactured to suit your individual application requirements. Contact our Customer Service/Technical Sales Support Department for help in selecting the correct product for your specific application at 800-234-8273 or Click here to email us.

Models 111 & 111-B Foot Switches
Model 111 foot switches are normally-open, momentary-contact devices. They are also suitable for use as hand switches which can be pressed or squeezed to operate. These devices utilize ribbon switch technology, which ensures long life and reliable operation.
Material PVC
Dimensions 2in. x 5in., 0.375in. thick
Switch Rating 100 watts
Operating Force 5lbs foot pressure (Model 111) 1.5lbs foot pressure (Model 111-B)
Custom Foot and Hand Switches
Tapeswitch can design and manufacture custom foot or hand switches to your specifications. Some examples are shown below. For information or help with your application, contact us.
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