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Sensing Cell Switches
Custom sizes and shapes can be manufactured to suit your individual application requirements. Contact our Customer Service/Technical Sales Support Department for help in selecting the correct product for your specific application at 1-800-234-8273 or Click here to email us via E-mail.
Models NO-1 (Round) & NO-1R (Rectangular) Normally Open Sensing Cells
These are low-profile, sealed sensing switches in wafer form. They are surface-mounted and are typically used under objects to detect removal. They can also be used as limit switches in tight quarters. Positive bottoming withstands substantial weight.
Material PVC (sealed)
Dimensions 1.5" diameter round or 1.0in. X .75in. rectangle
Operating Force 2.5lbs nominal
Mounting Mastic cement, epoxy, DA-12 tape or optional metal holder