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RBMA & RB-S Vehicle Sensing Switches
RBMA Road Switch
This heavy duty vehicle detection sensor operates as a Normally Open (N/O), momentary switch, making contact when pressed by a vehicle wheel. When properly installed, it will deliver millions of cycles of trouble-free operation, and is an excellent replacement for expensive "induction loop" vehicle detection sensors.

The RBMA vehicle sensing switch is double-sealed for weather-resistance. It is supplied in a steel mounting channel which has flanges for fastening with studs, nails or cement. This vehicle sensing switch is suitable for asphalt surfaces as well as concrete roadways.

Features & Benefits
  • Replaceable switch assemblies for easy maintenance
  • Double-sealed for weather-resistance and high reliability
  • Solid core leads to prevent wicking
  • Switch life of over 3 million operations
  • Versatile mounting on concrete or asphalt
  • Specifications
    Actuation Force 20lbs (90 N) nominal
    Recommended Voltage & Current 24VAC or VDC at 1.0amps max
    Cross-section 2in. Wide, 7/16in. high
    Standard Lengths 2f.t, 3ft., 5ft., 8ft., 10ft.
    Replacement Switch Insert Type 171-IS ribbon switch
    Type RB-S Road Switch
    RB-S Vehicle Detection Sensors features the same design and functional versatility as RBMA road switch, except the steel mounting channel is omitted. RB-S vehicle sensing switches may be attached to the road surface mechanically or using an adhesive.

    Vehicle sensing switches should be ordered long enough so that traffic travel over the ends of the switch is minimized. Use the C-178 End Protector for those applications in which traffic cannot be kept off the ends of the switch.