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General Information
Understanding the Fail-Safe Concept
Product Manuals
Interface Controllers
C6 Interface Controller C6 Manual    
PRSU/2 Control Units PRSU/2 Manual PRSU/2 Info Sheet  
PRSU/4 Control Units PRSU/4 Manual PRSU/4 Info Sheet  
PRSU/5 Control Units PRSU/5 Manual PRSU/5 Info Sheet  
PSCU Control Units PSCU/1 Manual PSCU/2 Manual PSCU/4 Manual
PSSU Control Units PSSU Manual PSSU/A Manual PSSU/A2 Manual
ZC Series Zone Controllers ZC Series Manual    
Light Curtains
B-Series Light Curtains B-Series Manual
BPU Blanking Program Unit BPU-2 Manual BPU-4 Manual
SRUS B-Series Controller SRUS Manual
BC Blanking Interface Controller BC-1 Manual BC-4 Manual
GS-120 Series Light Curtains GS-120 Manual
GS-140 Series Light Curtains GS-140 Manual
Other Products
ControlMat (CKP) ControlMat Manual
Diamond Plate Safety Mat DPM Manual
Product and System Certifications
Certifications for Photo-Electric Safety Systems, Light Curtains and Guard
14mm Light Curtain System 137kb
30mm Light Curtain System 138kb
70mm Light Curtain System 133kb
Perimeter Guard Light Curtain System 130kb
Certifications for Sensing Mats
Tapeswitch CKP-EN TUV Certification 506 kb
London Mat CKP-EN TUV Certification 514kb
Certifications for Ribbon Switches and Sensing Edges
Ribbon Switch with Controller TUV Ceritfication 1 mb