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Technical Reference

Interface Controllers
C6 Interface Controller C6 Manual Ver. 2.0 (PDF 192KB)
PRSU/2 Control Units PRSU/2 Manual Ver. 2.0 (PDF 256KB)
PRSU/2 Info Sheet Ver. 2.0 (PDF 43KB)
PRSU/4 Control Units PRSU/4 Manual Ver. 2.3 (PDF 338KB)
PRSU/4 Info Sheet Ver. 2.0 (PDF 102KB)
PRSU/5 Control Units PRSU/5 Manual Ver 1.3 (PDF 192KB)
PRSU/5 Info Sheet Ver 1.0 (PDF 103KB)
PSCU Control Units PSCU/1 Manual Ver. 2.0 (PDF 127KB)
PSCU/2 Manual Ver 2.0 (PDF 211KB)
PSCU/4 Manual Ver 2.0 (PDF 175KB)
PSSU Control Units PSSU Manual Ver 2.1 (PDF 250KB)
PSSU/A Manual Ver 2.2 (PDF 109KB)
PSSU/A2 Manual Ver 2.2 (PDF 106KB)
ZC Series Zone Controllers ZC Series Manual Ver. 2.0 (PDF 274KB)
PCU Control Units PCU/1 Manual (PDF 2.5MB)
PSSR Control Unit PSSR/2 Manual Ver 1.1 (PDF 3.8MB)
SRUS Safety Interface Controller PSSR/2 Manual Ver 1.1 (PDF 283KB)
PRSU/M2SI Safety Interface Controller PRSU/M2SI Manual Ver 1.0 (PDF 2.2MB)

Light Curtains
B-Series Light Curtains B-Series Manual Ver. 3.2 (PDF 1.2MB)
BPU Blanking Program Unit BPU-2 Manual Ver. 2.0 (PDF 156KB)
BPU-4 Manual Ver. 2.2 (PDF 304KB)
SRUS B-Series Controller SRUS Manual Ver. 2.0.2 (PDF 107KB)
BC Blanking Interface Controller BC-1 Manual Ver. 2.0 (PDF 257KB)
BC-4 Manual Ver. 2.4 (PDF 500KB)
GS-120 Series Light Curtains GS-120 Manual Ver. 1.0 (PDF 1.6MB)

Other Products
ControlMat™ (CKP) ControlMat Manual Ver. 3.3 (PDF 644KB)
ArmorMat™ ArmorMat Manual Ver. 1.2 (PDF 654KB)
Diamond Plate Safety Mat DPM Manual Ver. 2.2 (PDF 472KB)
PE Runner PE Install Sheet (PDF 128KB)
Bulk Ribbon Switch Switch Install Sheet (PDF 778KB)
How To Add Termination To Switch (PDF 10KB)
Edge Replacement Kit Edge Replacment Manual (PDF 191KB)
TS-1 Chime Installation Manual Ver 2.0 (PDF 125KB)

This information has been provided to you free of charge for you to use but remains the sole property of Tapeswitch Corporation. While Tapeswitch has used reasonable efforts to ensure its accuracy. Tapeswitch does not guarantee that it is error-free, nor makes any other representation, warranty or guarantee that the information is completely accurate or up-to-date. In many cases, the CAD data has been simplified to remain proprietary detail while maintaining critical interface geometric detail for use by customers. Tapeswitch Expressly disclaims all implied warranties regarding this information, including but not limited to any implied warranties or merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

Sensing Edges 2D Drawings 3D Drawings
TS-6 TS-6 Edge Dimensions (PDF 166KB)
TS-6 Aluminum Angle Profile (DWG 39KB)
TS-6 Aluminum Flat Profile (DWG 37KB)
TS-6 Aluminum Angle Profile (DXF 125KB)
TS-6 Aluminum Flat Profile (DXF 126KB)
TS-16 TS-16 Edge Dimensions (PDF 163KB)
TS-16 Aluminum Angle Profile (DWG 38KB)
TS-16 Aluminum Flat Profile (DWG 38KB)
TS-16 Angle Channel (PDF 160KB)
TS-16 Aluminum Angle Profile (DXF 150KB)
TS-16 Aluminum Flat Profile (DXF 153KB)
TS-8 TS-8 Edge Dimensions (PDF 163KB)
TS-8 Aluminum Flat Profile (DWG 45KB)
TS-8 Aluminum Flat Profile (DXF 190KB)
TS-18 TS-18 Edge Dimensions (PDF 162KB)
TS-18 Aluminum Flat Profile (DWG 40KB)
TS-18 Aluminum Flat Profile (DXF 175KB)
TS-26 TS-26 Edge Dimensions (PDF 164KB)
TS-26T Edge Dimensions (PDF 163KB)
TS-26 Aluminum Flat Profile (DWG 46KB)
TS-26 Aluminum Angle Profile (DWG 69KB)
TS-26 Aluminum Flat Profile (DXF 188KB)
TS-26 Aluminum Angle Profile (DXF 198KB)
TS-46 TS-46 Edge Dimensions (PDF 165KB)
TS-46 Aluminum Flat Profile (DWG 39KB)
TS-46 Aluminum Angle Profile (DWG 40KB)
TS-46 Channel (PDF 162KB)
TS-46 Aluminum Angle Profile (DXF 161KB)
TS-46 Aluminum Flat Profile (DXF 148KB)
TS-48 TS-48 Edge Dimensions (PDF 166KB)
TS-48 Aluminum Flat Profile (DWG 39KB)
TS-48 Aluminum Flat Flange Profile (DWG 40KB)
TS-48 Aluminum Flat Profile (DXF 235KB)
TS-48 Aluminum Flat Flange Profile (DXF 241KB)
TS-47 TS-47 Edge Dimensions (PDF 163KB)
TS-47 Aluminum Angle Profile (DWG 60KB)
TS-47 Aluminum Angle Profile (DXF 250KB)
TS-57 TS-57 Edge Dimensions (PDF 166KB)
TS-57 Aluminum Flat Flange Profile (DWG 56KB)
TS-57 Aluminum Flat Flange Profile (DXF 239KB)
TS-67 TS-67 Edge Dimensions (PDF 171KB)
TS-67 Aluminum Flat Flange Profile (DWG 57KB)
TS-67 PVC Channel (PDF 161KB)
TS-67 Aluminum Flat Flange Profile (DXF 242KB)
TS-108 TS-108 Edge Dimensions (PDF 171KB)
TS-109 TS-109 Edge Dimensions (PDF 171KB)

Ribbon Switches 2D Drawings
101 Ribbon Switches 101-B Switch (PDF 92KB)
101-BMT Standard Switch (PDF 92KB)
101-BMT Bottom Lead Exit (PDF 97KB)
101-BMT Thick Shim End Caps (PDF 92KB)
131 Ribbon Switches 131-A Switch (PDF 90KB)
131-AMT Switch (PDF 96KB)
141-BPH Ribbon Switch 141-BPH Switch (PDF 172KB)
141-BPM Ribbon Switch 141-BPM Switch (PDF 169KB)
121-BP Ribbon Switch 121-BP Switch (PDF 169KB)
151-BBW Ribbon Switch 151-BBW Switch (PDF 169KB)
161 Ribbon Switches 161-FS Switch (PDF 163KB)
161-FSA Switch (PDF 96KB)
180 & 180-S Ribbon Switch 180 Switch (PDF 177KB)
191-S Ribbon Switch 191-S Switch (PDF 174KB)
TS-3 Ribbon Switch TS-3 Switch (PDF 168KB)
Ribbon Switch Channel 104 Channel (PDF 161KB)
106 Channel (PDF 161KB)

Safety & Sensing Mats 2D Drawings
Standard Lead Locations Standard Lead Locations (PDF 87KB)
ControlMat™ (CKP) Safety Mat ControlMat™ Profile (PDF 168KB)
ArmorMat™ Safety Mat ArmorMat™ Profile (PDF 174KB)
Diamond Plate Safety Mat Diamond Plate Mat Profile (PDF 248KB)
CVP Sensing Mats CVP Mat Profile (PDF 83KB)
PE Switch Runner Sensing Mat PE Switch Runner (PDF 164KB)
Safety Mat Trim AE1 Trim (PDF 160KB)
AE2 Trim (PDF 163KB)
AE3 Trim (PDF 164KB)

Safety Interface Modules 2D Drawings
PCU PCU Profile (PDF 00KB)
PRSU/4 PRSU/4 Profile (PDF 165KB)
PRSU/5 PRSU/5 Profile (PDF 00KB)
PRSU/2 PRSU/2 Profile (PDF 167KB)
PSSR/2 PSSR/2 Profile (PDF 167KB)
PSCU/1 PSCU/1 Profile (PDF 173KB)
PSSU/A PSSU/A Profile (PDF 173KB)

Sensing Bumpers 2D Drawings
SE-45 SE-45 Profile (PDF 279KB)
SE-75 SE-75 Profile (PDF 295KB)
SE-C SE-C Profile (PDF 94KB)
VBL Series VBL Profile (PDF 106KB)

Specialty Switches 2D Drawings
TP-2 & TP-4 Touch Pads TP-2 Touch Pad (PDF 80KB)
TP-4 Touch Pad (PDF 90KB)
Car Wash Sensing Switch Ramped Switch (PDF 166KB)
Square Switch (PDF 167KB)
RBMA Vehicle Sensing Switch RMBA (PDF 173KB)
Sensing Cell Switches NO-1 Sensing Cell (PDF 81KB)
NO-1R Sensing Cell (PDF 82KB)
Flex Actuators Flex Actuators (PDF 187KB)
Tactile and Tactical Remote Switches Single Dome Tactile Switch (PDF 84KB)

Safety Interface Modules
PRSU/5 RoHS Declaration PDF 46KB
PRSU/4 & PRSU/5 Certification PDF 3.1MB
PRSU/2, PRSU/4 & PRSU/5 Certification PDF 3.2MB

Certifications for Photo-Electric Safety Systems, Light Curtains and Guard
14 mm Light Curtain System PDF 132KB
30 mm Light Curtain System PDF 132KB
70 mm Light Curtain System PDF 128KB
Perimeter Guard Light Curtain System PDF 130KB

Certifications for Sensing Mats
Tapeswitch CKP-EN TUV Certification PDF 97KB
London Mat CKP-EN TUV Certification PDF 99KB

Certifications for Ribbon Switches and Sensing Edges
Ribbon Switch with Controller TUV Ceritfication PDF 140KB
UL Certification For Ribbon Switches, Edges, Bumpers & Mats PDF 36KB

ISO Certification
ISO 9001:2015 Certification PDF 628KB