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SE-C Sensing Bumpers

Tapeswitch™ SE-C Sensing Bumpers are designed to fit specific application needs. They provide a large, compliant surface that protects personnel or equipment by detecting contact or impact before damage is done. The nylon-reinforced exterior housings are resistant to water, oil, hydraulic fluids, and coolants. Mounting options include studs and threaded holes.

Tapeswitch™ can make these pressure-sensitive bumpers in various sensitivities, profiles, colors, and lengths. Special options include multiple-surface detection, multiple zones, and high sensitivity. Extra-large sizes and corner designs are also available. All Tapeswitch SE-C Series sensing bumpers are supplied with 4-conductor, Fail-Safe wiring and are compatible with Tapeswitch™ Safety Interface Modules.

• Large pressure-sensitve area to maximize the collision-sensing zone
• Straight and corner configurations available
• Options for multi-surface detection and multiple zones
• Available in extra-large sizes and with extra over travel
• Custom mounting options, including quick disconnects
• 4-conductors Fail-Safe wiring is standard

• Collision detection on AGVs, mobile work platforms, and material handling vehicles
• Obstruction detection on large moving doors, mobile work stations, and telescoping conveyors
• Protection of stationary devices in proximity to moving equipment
• General hazard protection requiring over travel cushioning

Actuation Force: 10lbs (45 N) nominal, special activation forces available
Recommended Voltage & Current: 24 VAC or VDC at 1.0 amps max.
Exterior Covering: Black or yellow (standard) Custom colors available