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For over 50 years London Mat Industries Ltd. has been a leading manufacturer of sensing and safety mats for a variety of industries. Some of these industries include transit, medical, amusement and industrial safety.

London Mat Industries has come a long way in its fifty plus years of operations, and continuously adapts to cater to its clients needs. Eighteen years ago, London Mat Industries Ltd. was acquired by Tapeswitch Corporation, making it part of their global organization. This increases our offering to several styles of safety and sensing mats, sensing edges, bumpers, car wash mats and many other variations of sensing and safety switches to meet the needs of our many markets and applications. We service the Canadian markets with Tapeswitch products manufactured here in London, Ontario and service the world markets with our custom molded products. At London Mat Industries we strive to offer our customers a solution to their sensing requirements by customizing or developing new products from our core technologies. Our experienced technical staff can help you with all your safety and sensing issues.

Through innovation, customization and partnership in a global operation, London Mat Industries Ltd. continues to grow and strives to be a leader in the manufacturing of safety and sensing products for years to come.