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VBL-Series High-Impact Sensing Bumper

Tapeswitch™ VBL-Series High-Impact Sensing Bumpers are designed to survive repeated crushing impacts that would destroy conventional sensing bumpers, and to continue functioning perfectly. When deformed by contact or impact, these pressure-sensitive bumpers provide a signal in the form of an electrical contact closure. They are suitable for use on AGVs, mobile platforms, traveling conveyors, and other moving equipment or machinery. Sensitivity is uniform over the entire sensing bumper surface, including any curved areas.

VBL-Series Pressure-Sensitive Bumpers are available in lengths from 4 inches to 16 feet and in linear, winged, or corner configurations. The VBL-125 is 1.25 inches wide at the base and the VBL-250 is 2.50 inches wide. The contact area features a rugged polyurethane cover for added durability. Yellow is standard on these sensing bumpers, but Tapeswitch can provide other colors, on request.

All VBL-Series pressure-sensitive bumpers are supplied with 4-conductor, Fail-Safe wiring and are compatible with Tapeswitch™ Safety Interface Modules.

•   Survives repeated severe impacts
•   Requires no guide wires and no adjustments
•   Simple mounting options for easy installation
•   Standard and winged versions
•   4-conductor Fail-Safe wiring is standard

•   Collision detection on AGVs, mobile work platforms, and material handling vehicles
•   Obstruction detection on large moving doors, mobile work stations, and telescoping conveyors
•   Protection of stationary devices in proximity to moving equipment
•   Position sensing on passenger loaders and other mobile handling systems

Actuation Force: 4 lbs (18 N) nominal
Exterior Housing: PVC (optional polyurethane cover)
Dimensions: Length: 4 in. to 16 ft. long
Width: 1.25 in. (VBL-125) or 2.50 in. (VBL-250)
Max height: 6 in. (VBL-125) or 8 in. (VBL-250)
Max wing length: 12 in.
Recommended Voltage & Current: 28 VAC or VDC at 1.0 amps max
Colors: Yellow is standard, other colors on request