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PSSR/2 Safety Interface Module

The PSSR/2 control unit is designed to be used in conjunction with Tapeswitch™ pressure sensitive sensor products to make a complete safety system. Sensors may take the form of safety mats, sensing edges, bumpers, or ribbon switches but must incorporate an integral end of the line resister.

When the PSSR/2 is used with suitable Tapeswitch™ sensing edges, bumpers, switches or mats the system meets the requirements of EN13849-1:2006 PLd, EN62061 SIL2 and is a Category 3 configuration. It is an extremely compact unit which has a 22.5 mm DIN rail enclosure ideal for mounting in control panels. The PSSR/2 has a manual or auto reset function and operates from 24 VDC.

•   Works with all mats, edges, bumpers, and switches
•   Category 3 PLd SIL2
•   End of line resistor monitoring
•   DIN rail mounted
•   24 VDC supply voltage
•   Manual or auto reset
•   Self-monitoring
•   3 Output contacts

Safety Performance Level: Category 3, PLd (EN13849-1:2008)
Probability Of Dangerous Failures Per Hour (PFHd): 1.03 x 10-7
Power Consumption: < 5 VA
Response Time: 13 ms
Temperature Range: 14 to 131°F (-10 to 55°C)
Reset Function: Auto or Manual
Supply Voltage: 24 VAC or VDC
Safety Outputs: Device
Type Contacts
Safety relay, Force guided relays
2 x N/O, 1 x N/C (monitor)
5 A @ 240 VAC
Maximum Sensor Length: 100 M (330 ft.)
Enclosure Protection Rating: IP20
Dimensions: 3.31 in. high x 4.68 in. length x .88 in. wide