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TS-26 Sensing Edge

Tapeswitch™ TS-26 Sensing Edges are general purpose, medium profile, pressure sensitive safety edges. They provide immediate activation with minimal compliance, and about 3/8 inch of overtravel cushioning after activation. TS-26 sensing edges are available in two mounting configurations: snap-in channel-mount (flat or angle) and clamp-mount.

Housing is available in Santoprene and resistant to water, oil, hydraulic fluids, and coolants. The internal switching elements are rated for millions of operations across surface. All TS-26 Pressure Sensitive Safety Edges are supplied with 4-conductor Fail-Safe wiring and are compatible with Tapeswitch™ Safety Interface Modules.

Features & Benefits
• Medium profile for larger target zone
• Low compliance for immediate activation
• .350 inches (9 mm) over-travel after activation
• 4-conductor Fail-Safe wiring is standard

Typical Applications
•   Pinch protection on machinery edges and medical tables
•   Obstruction detection on automatic doors and gates
•   Collision sensors on AGVs or large moving machinery

Actuation Force: 42 N (151.1 oz.) nominal (Tested with 80 mm disk)
Overtravel: 0.35 in. (9 mm) after activation
Overall Height: 1.52 in. (38.48 mm)
Recommended Voltage & Current: 28 VAC or VDC at 1.0 amps max.
Lead Wiring: 2 x 20/2 AWG, Dri-Run, 72 in. long, 316 in. dia.
Exterior Housing: Santoprene TPE
Available Lengths: 6 in. to 16 ft.
Mounting Options: Aluminum channel (flat or angle)
PVC channel (flat only)
End Caps: Black
Color Options: Black, Red & Yellow