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CVP Sensing Mats

CVP Switching Mats are designed for commercial control, signaling, and counting applications. They feature minimum thickness, maximum durability and low cost. These signal mats are flexible and conform to irregular surfaces, so installation is simple and straight-forward. They are water-resistant, but not immersible. Only 5 pounds of force is needed for operation.

CVP Switching Mats are not suitable for, and should not be used for, industrial safety applications or personnel protection.

CVP Switching Mats use field-proven ribbon switch technology. They operate as normally open switches and can be used to control relays, lights or alarms from a low voltage source. CVP Mats can function as hidden switches when placed under carpeting or matting.

•   Slimmest profile of any switching mat
•   Only 5 pounds of force needed for operation
•   Normally-open switches that close on contact
•   Flexible and water resistant
•   Concealable under carpeting or matting
•   All standard models are UL listed
•   Custom sizes available

•   Entrance annunciators for stores and offices
•   Pedestrian Counting
•   Display advertising lighting
•   Cash register protection
•   Burglar and intrusion alarms
•   Confessional booth signaling
•   Check cashing photography
•   Stairway lighting control

Actuation Force: 5 lbs nominal
Recommended Voltage & Current: 24 VAC or VDC at 1 amp max
Colors: Olive green (for special colors contact Tapeswitch Corp.)
Thickness: 0.275 in. (7mm)
Standard Sizes: 6 in. X 23 in.
17 in. x 23 in.
23 in. x 35 in.
30 in. x 32 in.