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PE Under-Rug Switching Runner - Non-Safety Detection

PE Switching Runner strips are designed to provide area sensing for concealed indoor alarms and controls. They are intended for indoor use only and install on the floor under rugs, rubber runners, or matting. PE Switching Runner is not suitable for, and should not be used for, safety applications or personnel protection. Mats can function as hidden switches when placed under carpeting or matting.

Typical Applications: Concealed indoor sensors, alarms, and controls.

PE Under-Rug Switching Runner is only 3/32 inch thick and can be cut to any length with ordinary scissors. Available in 15 inch and 30 inch widths.

Each runner is constructed of parallel switching elements encased in a strong yellow-tinted film. The switches operates with only 5 lbs (nominal) of foot pressure. Not suitable for wet conditions.

•   Ultra-thin at only 3/32 inch for unobtrusive installation
•   Operates when concealed under soft or hard covering
•   Cut to length with scissors
•   Easily configured for large or small area sensing
•   Operates with only 5 pounds of force

Actuation Force: 5 lbs nominal
Recommended Voltage & Current: 24 VAC or VDC at 1 amp max
Sizes: 15 in. wide x 25 & 50 ft. length
30 in. wide x 5, 25, & 50 ft. length
Custom available by contacting factory