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F-Series B-Type Safety Switch

The B-TYPE safety switches have all the advantages of the F-TYPE safety switches built into a smaller ABS housing.

The same electronic switching provides not only long term reliability but also keeps the excellent switching distance (10 mm +/- 0.5) making the B-TYPE safety switch just as easy to install, tolerant to misalignment and capable of providing years of trouble free service.

The smaller ABS housing makes the B-TYPE safety switches suitable for light-weight guarding such as Perspex and Makralon. However, using the same construction techniques as the F-TYPE, these safety switches still withstand high pressure cleaning, wash-down environments, dust or machine oil and metal shavings. Two pre-drilled fixing holes, through the body of the switch make for a really tough, small, safety switch.

Like the F-TYPE’s unique Dynamic Signaling techniques continuously monitor each switch. Any damage to the safety switch cable or the switch itself will result in the system going to a safe state and fault indication at the control unit.

Operation: Electronic
Max. Switches per system: 30
Switching Distance: 8 - 10 mm
Construction: ABS, Resin filled
IP Rating: IP67
Cable Lengths: 5, 10 and 15 M (Max 100 M)
Cable Protection: 20 mm Thread, male brass gland
Features: Compact size, Precise switching, Robust, Suits smaller guards
Approvals: TUV Category 4, CE