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SSS Electronic Safety Switch

The SSS is a tamper-proof, stand-alone safety switch that can be used to switch relays, contactors or safety relays directly. Only a SSS actuator will operate the SSS switch correctly.

By removing the need for a seperate control unit, we have made it possible to use our top of the range electronic switching technology in smaller, simpler safety systems. With the SSS you get the reliability of the electronic safety system with the ease of installation of astandard magnetic switch like the MAGNASAFE.

Suitable for single or dual channel circuits, the SSS safety switch has 2 volt free contact outputs ( 2 N/O or 1 N/O +1 N/C ).The fixed switch also has an LED, giving true indication.

When the moving part of the switch ( Actuator ) is brought within the operating range of the fixed switch, (8mm target to target), a dynamic signal is generated in the actuator and transmitted to the switch. The N/O contact(s) in the switch will close and the N/C contact will open.

Power Supply: 24 VDC
Power Consumption: 2 VA
Safety Contacts / Rating: 1 or 2 N/O, 2 A / 230 VAC, 2 A / 30 VDC
Auxiliary Contact / Rating: Up to 1 N/C, 2 A / 230 VAC, 2 A / 30 VDC
Operating Temperature: -10 to 55°C
Housing: ABS Case, Blue, Resin Filled
Environmental Protection: IP67
Mounting: Target to Target
Switching Distance: 7 On , 12 Off
Indication: Output LED Green
Approval: UL Approved 508 Industrial Control Equipment