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Ribbon Switch Type 141-BPH

General purpose ribbon switches designed for activation by hand, foot, or mechanical device. These switches have a PVC exterior.

Actuation force Sensitivity is 24 oz. (7 N).

Mounting is by aluminum channel or double-faced tape.
Length is cut to customer requirements.

Note: All ribbon switches can be supplied with a black TPE exterior for enhanced moisture and chemical resistance. Add "E" to the type designation, e.g., 141-BPHE, to specify.

•   Custom switch lengths
•   Custom lead lengths
•   Fail-Safe leads
•   Air leak test
•   Adhesive backing
•   Interconnected switches (sausage style)
Custom colors are available on request. Please contact the factory.

Ribbon Switch Type 104 Aluminum Flat Channel DA-32 Double-Faced Tape
141-BPH Yes Yes

Actuation Force: 24 oz. (7 N) (10 mm Sphere)
Bending Radius: 1/2 in. (12 mm) minimum
Exterior Covering: PVC (standard) or TPE (optional)
Color: White, Red, or Black
Lead Wire: #22 AWG, 18 in. (460 mm) long (Standard)
Dimensions: 9/16 in. wide, 9/32 in. high (14.3 mm x 7.1 mm)
Recommended Voltage & Current: 24 VAC or VDC at 1 amp max.
Dielectric Resistance: 1000 VAC for 2 minutes