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TS-3 Sensing Switch

Tapeswitch™ TS-3 Sensing Switches are among the most compact pressure sensitive safety edges available. Only ½ inch wide and 5/16 inch high, they provide reliable sensing in minimum space. These edges can be mounted with double-faced tape or using aluminum channel.

TS-3 Sensing Switches are available in lengths from 6 inches to over 12 feet, making them suitable for pressure sensitive detection, signaling, or emergency stops on long assembly lines or conveyor systems.The PVC housing is resistant to water, oil and coolants. The internal switching element is rated for millions of operations. All TS-3 pressure sensitive switches are compatible with Tapeswitch™ Safety Interface Modules.

•   Lowest profile fits limited space
•   High sensitivity for immediate activation

Actuation Force: 3.0 lbs (13 N) nominal (no channel)
4.0 lbs (18 N) nominal (in channel)
Color: White, Yellow and Black
Overtravel: None
Recommended Voltage & Current: 28 VAC or VDC at 1.0 amps max.
Lead wiring: 22/2 AWG, 18 in. long
Exterior Housing: PVC
Available lengths: 6 in. to 12 ft.
Mounting Options: 104 Aluminum channel or double-faced tape

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